Only for Veterinarians

VETdicate provides products and services through veterinary hospitals and veterinarians only. We believe and know that only veterinarians can choose the best prescript and the dosage for your beloved pets.

Nutraceutical Focused

VETdicate focuses on providing the best quality nutraceuticals which are supported by clinical research.

Technical Service

All VETdicate products are designed and developed by veterinarians. Technical veterinarian team is here for all your technical questions regarding our products.

VETdicate News

AMAMS 2015

VETdicate 寵特寶 will exhibit in AMAMS 2015. NOVEMBER 1&2,…


Since 2003, VETdicate has been dedicated to small animal health and focusing on high quality, science research supported nutraceuticals.

VETdicate provides products and services to or through veterinarians only. Our caring sales and technical team are always passionately aiming at helping animals and veterinarians access the best valuable clinical health support.

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