Renassence 腎興

60 capsules/bottle

Product Description

Renassence is a herbal supplementation specially designed for small animal renal health.

A professional and clinical tested herbal formula, to help cat and dog’s renal function.

Indications :

  • Chronic kidney disease
  • Acute renal injury
  • Kidney protection from renal harmful medication
  • Elevations in renal function parameters
  • Polycystic kidney disease

Ingredients : Cordyceps, Endoconcha Sepiae, Rehmannia, Plantago Seed, Pinellia, Ginger, Ginseng, Achyranthes, Aucklandia, Cinnamon Bark, Carthamus (Safflower), Peach Kernel

Product size: 60 capsules / bottle

Direction for use: Twice daily. 1-2 capsules per 2.5Kg of bodyweight each time, or as directed by veterinarian.

Caution: Renassence is a herbal formula to assist in kidney related metabolism, and not a replacement of any traditional necessary therapies.

More to know

In chinese medicine, kidney failure can lead to weak in body “yin”, “blood” and “yang.”

Weak Yin: Yin is the body water metabolism. When yin is weak, water can easily lost.

Blood Deficiency: Blood is the main circulation in body. Signs of Blood Deficiency include dry skin, withered skin, pale lips/membrane, weak pulse, and poor hair quality.

Yang Deficiency: Yang is the energy of metabolism in body. Common yang deficiency symptoms includes: slow digestion, vomit, and low body temperature.

Renassence is designed by experienced veterinarian who has practiced clinical chinese medicine for more than 30 years. This special formula includes 12 high quality herbal, which can provide 5 important benefits.

  1. Repair Promoting
  2. Nausea Easing
  3. Water Balance
  4. Facilitating Metabolism
  5. Energy Ascension