Viewii 視晴


Product Description

Viewii is a specially designed formula for small animal vision and eye heath care

Indications :
Specific antioxidant combination for aging vision problems, progressive retinal atrophy (PRA), and also cataract, dry eye and general eye care.

Ingredients : lutein 10mg and zeaxathin 2mg, Bilberry extract 80mg, Hesperidin 10mg, Vitamin C 10mg.

Product size: 60tabs/bottle

Direction for use: 1 tablet for 5-10Kg, 2 tablets for pets>10kg, or as directed by veterinarian.

More to know

Aging eye disorders are common nowadays,
many pet parents are searching for ways to protect their pets’ eyesight.

Signs Dog is Losing its Eyesight:

  •  hesitates or refuses to jump or go downstairs
  •  bumps into out-of-place furniture
  •  Anxiety, fear, and depression
  •  White Spots or Cloudy Eyes
  •  Reduced or No Eye Contact