Viewii 視晴


Product Description

Viewii is a specially designed formula for small animal vision and eye heath care

Specific antioxidant combination for aging vision problems, progressive retinal atrophy (PRA), and also cataract, dry eye and general eye care.

Ingredients : lutein 10mg and zeaxathin 2mg, Bilberry extract 80mg, Hesperidin 10mg, Vitamin C 10mg.

Product size: 60tabs/bottle

Direction for use: 1 tablet for 5-10Kg, 2 tablets for pets>10kg, or as directed by veterinarian.

More to know

Aging eye disorders are common nowadays,
many pet parents are searching for ways to protect their pets’ eyesight.

Signs Dog is Losing its Eyesight:

  •  hesitates or refuses to jump or go downstairs
  •  bumps into out-of-place furniture
  •  Anxiety, fear, and depression
  •  White Spots or Cloudy Eyes
  •  Reduced or No Eye Contact